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Would the Prophet (S) be Part of this Event?

SubhanAllah, I wonder, what people are thinking when they do these things in the name of Islam? On the heels of my posts on RIS vs TDC, and Sami Yusuf vs Yvonne Ridley, here is one that combines both.

Look at this video... I am sorry, it is music, but you have to see it... hear it closely... hear the lyrics, hear the sisters with hijab singing, screaming, jumping... one sister offers herself to be "leaned on".

Click here to see "Aisha" by Outlandish (Viewer-discretion Advised. By the way, what an appropriate name 'Outlandish', subhanAllah--- perhaps it should have been called Islamically outlandish)

Please someone explain to me the difference between this concert and a generic U-2 concert? Oh, I know, U-2 are kuffar singers, right... anymore? OK, ok, I know there are more differences, but the PROBLEM is why are there so many SIMILARITIES? Show this video to a non-Muslim and ask him or her if they see a difference, and they will probably tell you that it looks and plays like any other concert.

I know RIS is doing good stuff, but I challenge the good brothers who organize it to just answer ONE question: Would Prophet (S) be part of this event? Would he (S) approve of it? Or would he be embarrassed of what is going on in the name of Islam? To be honest, I don't even think this is a sufi/sunnah question... I doubt even any of the sufi-leaners would accept this. I doubt that Hamza Yusuf would approve of it. At least, I hope he wouldn't.

Shame on us, that we twist this deen to suit our desires! Shame on us for changing the names of things to make them halal... So, that mom and dad won't allow their daughters at the Eminem concert, but they are happy to send them to the RIS concert. Let me tell you, mom and dad-- you have just been duped!

May Allah guide all the activists to truth, to not compromise the religion for the sake of numbers.


Amad said...

At least my half-sufi friend MR agrees with me on this, and kinda confirms that Hamza/Zaid etc. wouldn't approve, and they were not in the audience (i would be shocked if that was the case)... still would like a bit more confirmation so that we can join hands in 'killing' this new phenomenan, that is gnawing at the "religious" people in the ummah.

Here's MR's comment on his blog.

Abu Luqman al-Hindi said...

this is one blog that speaks the Haqq're on my blogroll inshaAllah

Amad said...

jazakAllahkhair abu luqman, I am humbled by your blog entry.

abu ameerah said...

As'Salaamu Alaikum...

interesting post akhi. You gave it akhi...oh, YOU GAVE IT! I would also include the likes of Yusuf Islam, Zain Bhika, Raihan, Sami Yusuf, etc etc, to this list of nasheed artists gone askew.

At least for the Al Huda School / Dar us Salaam funraiser, a few weeks ago, Dawud Wharnsby did not use instrumentation (i think). Here is the grainy video of him singing at the fundraiser:

anyway, excellent post akhi!

~abu ameerah

Amad said...

I almost positive that Huda won't use music in anything of their fundraisers. Huda and Dar-us-salam is the best Islamic school-community in America mashallah... I wish my work was only 50 miles closer, and I would travel the balance 50 to be able to stay in College Park. Sh. Safi rocks!

Ubaid said...

If you diss Raihan and Sami Yusuf, you are indeed a loser.

Don't blame the nasheed artists if chicks are all up on them, blame the chicks.

ExEx Blogger said...

Wallahi, this stuff is brazen. I can't believe it. Why wouldn't the likes of Hamza Yusuf like this? I've seen him in videos attend zikr sessions and "sing" along. It's all the intergration that he so gags for and the fame that he so yearns. I mean if he can clap on to bush's state of the union address and say that I don't know if Bush meant in his heart that it was a crusade, then I would be shocked if he "disliked" needless to say prohibited music.

Amad said...

I think no thinking Muslim would say that the Prophet (S) would accept this gathering of chanting sisters (with or without hijabs). Let me go one step forward... Let's say, its the rehearsal, the hall's empty. Would the Prophet (S) be audience to Sami or Outlandish doing their whole concert gig? With the music and all?

Again, no thinking Muslim should agree. So, Ubaid, the sisters that you call "chicks" make it worse. But, the instigators are no less guilty for bringing out the worse in these hijabi sisters. I am absolutely dissing any singer who uses full-blown music in his songs, Sami, Outlandish, whoever... And indeed the loser is the one who leaves the Sunnah for his desires. See the following post and the comments for more 'loser' insights:

Link to Yvonne Ridley on Sami Yusuf. Make sure you read the comments about music's "haramness"

Anonymous said...

NO, The Prophet (SAW) would NOT be fan of Sami or Outlandish, let alone attend their concerts.

Abu Luqman al-Hindi said...

brothers, i am surprised at us...there is no need to use names and calling other muslims, "askew." that is for Allah (SWT) to decide. It is still considered backbitting to say something bad behind these people's backs.

ExEx Blogger said...

In Islam, whatever that is committed as a sin OUTWARDLY is considered a SIN. As for things in the heart such as nifaq or arrogance that is where we refrain because we can't check. If someone protrated to a Buddha are we not going to say that act is Shirk/Kufr? OR maybe we say that OH WE HAVE TO CHECK HIS HEART ? :)

So the thing is that if it's a sin outwardly we judge as is. If it's a good deed we say it is a good deed. And if someone says that person who prayed was for Riyaa then we say, NO we didn't check his heart.
Get it?

Anonymous said...

abu luqman u need an alif after your title of your blog for "Barakaaatuhu" not baraktuhu."

Anonymous said...

Don't tell people about backbiting when you can't even spell Barakatuhu on your blog's title! Get your priorities straight!

Amad said...

To the last anonymous: I remind you to check your manners when dealing with others. Abu Luqman provided us with a good reminder about back-biting. I don't think Abu Luqman had anything except sincerity, so we should thank him, and then if his message has a fault, provide a correction like Exex blogger did.

Ruth Nasrullah said...

Asalaamu alaikum. I don't know if I've just been in the dark, but I recently found out that Yusuf Islam has gone back to making music - "regular" music with strings and piano, etc. What do you think about that?

What is the basis for the restriction on music?

Thanks and jazak Allah khair to everyone.

Muslim Apple said...

Asalamu alaykum,

There were no instruments at the Dar us Salaam/Al Huda fundraiser other than the duff.

Abu Luqman al-Hindi said...

people like zain bhika, sami yusuf, yusuf islam are still muslims. If you speak ill if someone who is still a Muslim behind their backs, it is as if you are eating their flesh.

One sin does not put someone out of the fold of Islam and give us the right to talk behind their backs.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi teaches a class on Tawheed in which he says at the end not to label people Mushrikeen/Kuffar is you see them doing an act of Kufr/Shirk. Someone is playing musical instruments and we are treating them like kuffar.

Though we may not agree with it, but there is another opinion about musical instruments (which I don't agree with) saying they are permissible. Scholars such as Shawkawni, Ibn Hazm, Ghazalli, AbĂș Bakr al-'Arabi, Qaradawi and others.

If we are ready to say something against someone who has studied the deen in a manner in which we don't approve of, than there is no point to read beyond this sentence.

As Muslims, it is our duty to respect this difference of opinion whether we agree with it or not.

Look at people like Yusuf Islam and Zain Bhika. Young children sit and listen to 100% halaal tapes such as "A is for Allah." It is only recently that they started using instruments. Even though we don't believe in using instruments, why is it we can backbite people who have proper intentions to make the world a better place while we can smile and laugh and speak good with our kuffar co-workers/classmates.

Imaam al-Barbahaaree said:

"Do not bear witness for any of the people of Islaam (i.e. that he is a person of Paradise or of the Fire) due to a good or bad deed, since you do not know what his final action before his death will be. You hope for Allaah's Mercy for him and you fear for him because of his sins. You do not know what has been destined for him at the time of his death as regards repentance and what Allaah has destined for that time if he dies upon Islaam. You hope for Allaah's Mercy for him and you fear for him because of his sins."

Read this post to get a more clear and crisp idea of what I am saying...

Amad said...

Sr. Ruth: Yes, I did know about Yusuf Islam--- after quiting instruments for a long time, he came back to them. Alhamdulilah for the fact that our religion is not based on any individual's actions. Yusuf Islam has a lot of hasanat and good deeds on his plate mashallah, so may Allah forgive his shortcomings in certain areas. Here is a link on all the facts that you need to know about music {{Click here}}

There are a few opinions that disagree, but they a very, very small minority. Furthermore, any place where you have all the 4 Imams agreeing on something, it becomes difficult to argue. And that is why it is even more interesting that it is the so-called "traditionalist" who insist on following a madhab (which I have said in previous blogs I have no problem with), that seem to have the least problem with music!

Another point I want to make is that the purpose of my post was not to discuss music in itself, because I know there are much bigger issues in the Muslim Ummah. But, it was this concept of "Islamic concerts" and how the concept has caught fire, with nearly every conference/program or even charitable fund-raiser has to have it. And also, how we change names for things, to make them more palatable. Finally, as you can see, you open the door for 'halal music', and how will you ever shut it on 'halal concerts', and then 'halal dancing', and so on. That is why one wrong leads to another one and so on.

Br. Abu Luqmaan, I don't think anyone is calling anyone kafir or even close. We are just condemning the act... if you saw the video about the Outlandish concert at RIS, I believe you too will condemn such things taking place at an "Islamic" gathering. Pls see what Exex blogger has said. He is a student of knowledge, a graduate of an Islamic university, so what he says is not 'layman'. I do understand your points as well, jazakAllahkhair.

illuminatingfaith said...

wa 'alaikum asSalaam wa rahmatuAllah sister Ruth,

Please see the following link:

As you will note, all four imams of the 4 schools of thought considered music to be haraam as did many other great ulema (scholars), but the biggest thing which indicates that music is haraam (to me at least) is that the Prophet (saws) himself(!) said that the followers of his ummah will make certain things like alcohol, silk and MUSIC halal. How would someone make something already halal into halal? This sahih hadeeth was one of the main reasons I stopped listening to music even though I used to and still love music but leaving something for the sake of Allah is something I love more, alhamdulillah. may Allah keep me and all of us on the straight path, ameen.

sorry to ramble. peace. :)

Abu Luqman al-Hindi said...

AsSalamu 'Alaykum

my whole post, which probably went a little too much into detail, was directed at this comment...

"Yusuf Islam, Zain Bhika, Raihan, Sami Yusuf, etc etc, to this list of nasheed artists gone askew."

Of course I don't agree with what happened in the RIS video and I condemn it, but sometimes people lead it to a whole new level of "comdemning," which led to people speaking ill of others.

If I harmed anyone with my words, please forgive me for my shortcomings. May Allah (SWT) forgive us all and put us in Jannah together, inshaAllah. Ameen

Amad said...

Abu Luqmaan, we know your intention was not to harm anyone but to stand up for a few brothers. And we appreciate that. But, I hope you understand our point too-- that what they did wrong (Sami, etc.) was in public, so we can point to that wrong act in public as well. We should all be careful though in what we say about others; so perhaps it was not necessary to say they are askew, but that they are mistaken in this matter!

Abu Luqman al-Hindi said...

"We should all be careful though in what we say about others; so perhaps it was not necessary to say they are askew, but that they are mistaken in this matter!"

I agree with everything else...Knowledge and wisdom is something to be put together....

That is all I was trying to say... :D

Everything else you said was true...

But this is even worse than the RIS retreat...

abu ameerah said...

Bismillah wal'Hamdulillah was'Salaatu was'Salaam ala'Rasoolillah wa'bad...

As'Salaamu Alaikum wa'Rahmatullah!

To My Dearest Brothers/Sisters:

Abu Luqman al Hindi, Ubaid, and any other Brother/Sister of like mind...

First allow me to begin by asking Allah (Azza wa'Jall) for forgiveness if I have made any statement/comment that may be deemed offensive -- as surely this was not my intention.

Secondly, I ask Allah (Azza wa'Jall) that he make this discussion of benefit and not one that falls into either of the categories of idle talk or accusatory (harmful) banter.

In terms of my original statement: "I would also include the likes of Yusuf Islam, Zain Bhika, Raihan, Sami Yusuf, etc etc, to this list of nasheed artists gone askew."
--I still stand by this statement, inshallah! Clearly the response by a few brothers to my (original) statement were more emotional in nature--and less based upon the language I used or the facts at hand. 1) If we were to further examine the language that I used -- AT NO POINT DID I INSINUATE, ASSUME, OR ACCUSE: Sami Yusuf, Raihan, Zain Bhika, or Yusuf Islam for being "someone out of the fold of Islam" (as abu luqman asserted) ..... Audhubillah!

Not only did some brothers do an injustice when they accused me of supposedly questioning whether or not these Muslim Singers were indeed Muslim -- but I was also unjustly accused of talking "behind their backs."

Having read and re-read my original statement -- Nothing I said even comes close to the accusations that were made against me. The word, "Askew" that I used, was MERELY IN REFERENCE TO THEIR SINGING/PERFORMING STYLES. Nothing more...nothing less.

Many "Nasheed" artists today have employed the use of stringed instruments, percussion instruments, orchestral instruments, electronic synthesizers, etc etc. ALL OF WHICH According to the opinions of al Kibaar al'Ulamaa are HARAAM. This is not my opinion, fatwa, or personally contrived conclusion! The Daleel is quite plain for the seeker of truth and I therefore won't get into the nitty-gritty of the Fiqh, so to speak. Here is merely one ruling regarding Islamic inshaad (singing/chanting):

Question: Noble Shaykh, Muhammad Saalih al-Uthaymeen, Is Islamic inshaad (singing/ chanting) permissible for men? And is it permissible to accompany inshaad with the playing of the duff? Is inshaad permissible for other than Eid and parties?

Answer: “Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem. Islamic inshaad is an innovation resembling that which Sofiyyah (Sufis) have invented. Because of this, it is befitting to abandon this for the message of the Quran and Sunnah. “O Allah, were it that this had occurred on the battlefield then it would motivate courage and Jihad in the Path of Allah (Azza wa’Jall).” Then this is good. And if the duff is used along with this, then this is further from that which is correct.” (Fatwa Fadheelatush—Shaykh ibn Uthaymeen—Vol.1, pg. 134

--This my dear brothers and sisters is merely one ruling on a similar matter. It also deals with the likes of those who make the claim that repeatedly chanting Busiri's Qaseedah Burdah -- is somehow an act of worship. Audhubillah!

I could get further into the use by many of these "nasheed" groups/artists for their use of HARAAM instruments, Ajeeb (strange) lyrics, Mixed Concerts, and Imitations of the Kuffar -- but then I would be here all night! LoL

There are also many examples of other Muslims who are in contemporary bands/groups. Take for example the likes of Q-Tip from Hip-Hop group Tribe Called Quest. He took his Shahadah and once made a "Salaam-Shout-Out" to all the Muslims who were watching BET (Black Entertainment Television) about 8 years ago. Is it HALAAL to listen to our Br. Q-TIP? Should ISNA invite him to "freestyle" some lyrics on stage?

How about the RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. Yeah, Yeah...I know he is a "5-Percenter" and not a Muslim. But, he claims that he is indeed a Muslim. Who are we to judge or label him otherwise (some might ask)???? Can we listen to some old-school Wu-Tang from '95 ????

What about groups from Pakistan like Junoon. I know they are grave-worshipping it HALAAL Islamic Music? The lead singer of Junoon probably thinks so...LOL!

I will conclude by leaving you with the following: A few Yasser Qadhi lectures and Muslim blog posts – do NOT a scholar make! While we may think that we are right and upon the Haqq by our emotions -- we should first strive to look at what the Daleel presents us with first.

Again, Dear contention remains the same: I neither spoke behind the back of - or - attacked Anyone. When a Muslim Artist makes his Sins public -- Then we must Enjoin what is Right and Forbid What is Evil. Muslim Concerts that claim to be for the Sake of Allah (awj) and then turn around and directly imitate the concerts of the Kuffar -- like OUTLANDISH -- have no basis upon which to stand in the Shari'ah.

When these brothers make mistakes publicly -- then they should be corrected -- and other Muslims should be advised regarding them -PUBLICLY. This is all I did.

Abu Luqman and Ubaid you responded with a knee-jerk emotional reaction and Ubaid went on to say, "If you diss Raihan and Sami Yusuf, you are indeed a loser."

--Would the Scholars of Islam refer to others as "Losers" if they held a different opinion on a particular Juristic matter? I think not.


I ask Allah (AWJ) to forgive me if I have offended anyone, ameen.


abu ameerah

abu ameerah said...

Oh yes....for those with DEEEEP emotional scars form my scaaary post: Please feel free to visit me at Al Huda School / Dar us Salaam in College Park, MD.

I can have you brothers visit as guest speakers and maybe sing for some of our students, inshallah!

abu ameerah

abu ameerah said...

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem...

As'Salaamu Alaikum!

I thought this may also benefit us inshallah:

One of the common signs of approach of the Hour, which has spread all over the world, is the excessive use of musical instruments. Unfortunately, most of the Muslims consider the musical entertainment to be a legal practice. The Messenger of Allah (saaws) had forewarned against such use of musical instruments and warned such entertainers from being transformed into monkeys and pigs.

In an authentic hadith narrated by Ibn Majah, the Messenger of Allah, (saaws) said:

Sahl ibn Sa`d reported that Allah's Messenger(saaws) said, what means: "At the end of the world, the earth will settle, there will be false accusations of unchastity, slander and transformation of people into monkey and pigs." It was asked, "When, O Messenger of Allah?" He said: "When the musical entertainment and singers appear."

--Just a little food for thought, if you will. Oh yes, I would also appreciate it if this discussion does not turn into some kind of "Salafi vs. Traditionalist" thing. I don't particularly care to find out what people are these long as they avoid arguing with me - it's alllllllllll gooooood.


~abu ameerah

Mujahideen Ryder said...

You can't stop Muslims from saying what they want and doing what they want.

Man show the videos I took from the brothers section. The brothers were just chillen :-D hahahaha

Sisters on the other hand. They went crazzzzzzyyyyyyy.

Ovbiously the scholars that attended RIS don't permit this. You can't stop every Muslim from smoking weed. You can't stop every Muslim sister from screaming her lungs out for Isam or Ehab.

Here is an interesting fact that shows the difference of the people attending the RIS concert and the RIS retreat. Outlandish (Isam and Waqas) walk onto stage. Everyone screams. Outlanidhs (Isam and Waqas) are walking around during the retreat in the one cares. Waqas is sitting alone. Isam is walking around alone. People say salam to them like there regular brothers.

That's the difference!! Serious students of knowledge vs young tennybopper sisters going buckwild.

Mujahideen Ryder said...

"Look at this video... I am sorry, it is music, but you have to see it... hear it closely... hear the lyrics, hear the sisters with hijab singing, screaming, jumping... one sister offers herself to be "leaned on".

Amad, come on now. I can quote sisters saying "i'd be sh. yasir qadhis 2nd wife any day"

sisters are sisters no matter how relgious they are. they like popular men who have power, good looks, knowledge, good voice, etc.

sisters go crazy over qaris too. you know if Al-Efasy was single, mannn sisters would be all over him. even niqaabis.

you can't balem the concert people, or the artists. it's just the nature of women.

Amad said...

Abu Ameerah: you are not Exex blogger right? But you are with Sheikh Chao at College Park??

We definitely need to come see you guys... maybe we can start our own tareeqah: how about the Brazenabandis?

ExEx Blogger said...

Of course not. I am not Abu Ameerah. I am a different person. Wallahi I am not him. But I fully support Abu Ameerah's comments full on.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Mujahideen Ryder, I must say that no is trying to stop what they are doing but I must say what the Prophet said, "All of you will enter Paradise except those who refuse." So the point is that we are not saying that they are going to hell but all I am saying is that we don't need to stop anybody from doing anything. The worse thing is that if they choose to do something wrong, their harm is not only to themselves but rather to other people. One might say, well no one forced them to go listen to these singers. Well, then why would they sing? Why not sing in their bedroom by themselves!

Them marrying Yasir Qadhi does not mean that they are of calibur and status to marry him. First of all, all of the women would love to marry the prophet pbuh but does it mean that they are good? OH, do they even qualify to be the 2nd wife of Yasir Qadhi? I am pretty sure that these women that "swoon" over Sami Yusuf, they WOULD NEVER APPLY THE SUNNAH OF BEING THE 2ND WIFE!!!!"

ExEx Blogger said...

Brother Mujahideen Ryder, what is the point of commanding good and forbidding evil?

Anonymous said...

Um... Shaykh El-Efasi.... yeah. does that mean that they will scream over the partition when Quran is being recited? I thought we should ponder over the Ayahs whiles it's being recited. Don't justify their actions with something that they "presumably" will do.

Oh Btw, using Yasir Kazi as an excuse/emample maybe be Gheebah as well. With your hypothetical scenario, do you think that Yasir would be "happy" and proud of you describing him of taking some sisters as a 2nd wife who condone haram music? Also, using Yasir Qadhi as an example does not mean that HE WOULD take them as spouses. I believe he's very happy with his family. And even if he was their spouse (god forbid), does this mean anything? Does it mean that they are "wives" of people that should not criticized? Strange way of thinking by straying off the norm.

abu ameerah said...

As'Salaamu Alaikum wa'Rahmatullah!

Br. Amad,

No. I am not EXEX Blogger. Please visit me at College Park though -- i am quite bored these days...LOL! I look forward to seeing you, akhi.

With regard to us forming a new Tareeqa....lets call it the "Amad-o-bandees" and we will make Bayah on your majestic green turban!

And....if you want any of our relatives as "second wives" than we would be more than happy to oblige. In fact your illuminated countenance will shine brighter with Noor and suffice all of those sisters who yearn for just one meeting witha so-called Halaal music boyz of OUTLANDISH!

ExEx Blogger said...

Wow, to the last two anonymous, wow I must say!

Amad said...

this is hillarious... yaani, how does yasir qadhi and a second wife for him suddenly come into play? I will definitely ask Yasir to drop by and take a look at this, I am sure he'll be greatly amused. Btw, yes, Yasir is very happy in his family. Why does happiness have to play a role to increase the happiness (i.e. more wives)?? :)

Br. Abu Ameerah, inshalah, we'll try to set up something. Pls email me at amad at carsreloaded dot com. We set the name of the tareeqa in honor of sh. Chao, i.e. exex blogger, and his use of the brazen word... so brazenobandi sounded cool... But if starting an amadobandi will get me a second wife, man, I am all for it... in fact, I can start 3 more tareeqas if you wish. I can place lots of hidden lights under my turban (Hope my wife doesn't read this!).

Anonymous said...

hahah thats funny

Mujahideen Ryder said...

damn i think there are bunch of uncle up in here.

and me and yasir qadhi go way back. i can tell him myself that sisters are in love with him.

hahaha. amad ur right, this is hilarious.

Mujahideen Ryder said...

in saudi the concerts are seperate. the brothers get to see the artists while the sisters get to see them on a screen in a seperate hall.

i think that controls it, but still the sisters are screaming hahahahaha

Yasir said...

I just hope my wife doesn't see all this... :)

Amad said...

Sheikh sahib (yasir), I guess i'll just have to black-mail you into coming down to DE and giving a lecture IN ADDITION to the family musti-time... what do u think Abdu?? Sheikh Chao, would u come up here if we get our boy, the big Q., in the house? MR, for old time's sake? ;)

MR, man, do blogs attract any attention from potential 2/3/4 wives? Or am i just wasting my time here??

-amad qadhi

Anonymous said...

I don't think black-mailing is religious at all, but if it means Sheikh Yasir, and Sheikh Chao coming to Delware, then by all means...

abu ameerah said...

As'Salaamu Alaikum wa'Rahmatullah....

...and the "traditionalists" remain silent -- as always...they have no response to cover their sins. lol

i guess if you are a "traditionalist" (or neo-traditionalist) you all about the following:

1) Permitting that which is haraam such as the following: Instruments and MUZAK (lol), Imitating the Kuffar, Mixed concerts, and who knows what else...

2) Responding in an overly-emotional (almost feminine) way to those you disagree with...

3) Confusion when it comes to the english language, "Vaat...Vaat did the Vahaabee say"?

4) Making reference to the Sunnah -- only when it is convenient of course...

5) Using Islamic scholars of the past as a smokescreen a particularly insidious agenda


abu ameerah

ibn alHyderabadee said...

In the words of my buddy AburRahman Chao -


To abu Ameerah - "The Traditionalists cannot be bothered!"

It cant be their jihad if they cant dance to it!

abu ameerah said...

As'Salaamu Alaikum....

loooooooooooooooool !!!!

you nailed it on the head, so to speak, Ibn Hyderabadee!

Mujahideen Ryder said...

Actually sisters like Sh. YQ cuz of his extensive knowledge on Aqeedah.

So master the Aqeedah scienses and talk alot about in your blog and yeah sisters wouldn't mind be a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.


You actually don't need to bribe me, my fiancee lives in Maryland so in the future i'll be commuting between NY and MD a lot. hahaha.

Amad said...

Here is a Hanafi Fatwa on Music.

Najib said...

ha ha ha Yasir took a second wife in England and told his wife while she was having her fourth baby! so I guess these comments on taking more than one wife for him are even more funny! this guy is a sex addict.

Anonymous said...

This is what I am talking about. Are such actions part of the Sunnah?

-still confused sister