Thursday, January 04, 2007

Appreciation of Health

The Prophet (S) urged us to take advantage of 5 before 5: your youth before you grow old; your health before you fall sick; your money before you become poor; your leisure before you become busy; and your life before you die.

A few days ago, I contracted flu. No big deal, everyone gets it. But this little bacteria/virus or combination completely wrecks you, and you realize how vulnerable you really are. I mean you can't even see this enemy, isn't it? Yet, it creates havoc inside you, making your whole body surrender to its will, which of course is subservient to the will of the Creator. So, I resisted antibiotic for a few day but then gave in, when I was too cold and too hot, both in the same night under the same ambient temperatures.

Its one thing to be sick at home, yet quite another to be sick away from home, in your beloved hometown, which you were to leave the next day! So, I had to travel yesterday, and leave Houston. Perhaps, it will be another year before I go back inshallah. Sickness, combined with sadness, contributed to a wonderfully dull and unpleasant trip back to the coldness (pun intended) of Delaware. Well, at least the weather isn't that cold here. Which is actually not a good thing when you work in the oil industry. Quick industry primer: Warm weather in winter = low demand for heating oil = low profit. So, even a nice winter isn't helping the mood here in the Shaikh household.

Am I done whining? Not really. Our youngest, Jana, 10 mths old, fell really sick as well, with temperatures hovering in the 103-104F range. Talk about misery coming altogether. She is better today alhamdulillah.

In any and all cases, Alhamdulillah ala' kuley haal (Praise and thanks to Allah in all conditions). If He gives health, He sure can take it away. And for a little while when you are sick, you can appreciate what you really had going for you when you weren't (sick). So, dear brothers and sisters, take advantage of your health before you get sick. Get up and contribute, don't wait for the whining to start! Contribute to yourself (read and listen to Islamic knowledge, it is also fine to read non-Islamic stuff if the purpose is to help contribute Islamically :)); Contribute to the Society; and finally Contribute to my Blog!! Hey, at least I can put a plug in for myself??

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Hassan said...

May Allah give shifa to you and all of your family members. And jazak-Allah khyran for beautiful reminder.