Monday, January 22, 2007

The Demise of Obama

For those who are completely ignorant of what goes on in American politics, you are probably thinking it was a typo, that I really meant Osama, not Obama. Well, I certainly don't mind that slant either, but here we are talking about the once-front-runner-for-President: Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, another surprise for some of you, his middle-name is Hussein. So, let's see here... his last name rhymes with Osama, and his middle is the same as Saddamenstein's last, hmm...

As if the that wasn't enough, another story surfaced over the last few days that Obama had gone to a "Madrassa", much like Misbah Rana's mystery enrollment in one. Of course, most Muslims know that "Madrassa" means school, and that there is nothing inherently evil, malicious, or terroristic about it, but nevertheless the word pushes a big hot-button created by the media to malign Muslim seminaries. In any case, the fact that Obama allegedly attended a madrassa when he was only 6 or 8 years old for only 2-4 years, the fact that he is now a self-proclaimed Christian, the fact that he has no Muslim views-- all the facts don't really matter! Currently, it stands at a triple-whammy--- two names that ain't right and then some time at a "madrassa"-- TOO MUCH for Americans to swallow. I could muse along, "so what if the guy is STILL Muslim, so what?" and obviously that question would be foolish in so many ways, starting with a complete naivety of current affairs. After all about half of Americans don't like Muslims too much anyway (courtesy the media, which is fighting Israel's proxy war)... even the slightest indication of any Muslim blood in a candidate is enough to keep him a long distance away from America's top post. In fact, people are talking about Obama as being a Manchurian candidate for Muslims! For God's sake, give me a BIG break! I mean some people give too much credit to Muslim planning. Muslims can hardly plan well for a few months, let alone have a plan that began 35 years ago with Obama; brainwashing and preparing him for his important assignment as the secret Muslim President of USA? Thanks, but no thanks.

Some readers may take offense to the my simplistic view of American people. I agree, there is no doubt sophisticated Americans exist, that many Americans are above this childish attacks... but there are enough, much more than enough, who will let this get in the way of sensibility. Mark my words!

Back to the Elections of 2008, there are (or were) four viable candidates: McCain, Guiliani (Republicans) and Hillary, Obama (Democrats). As far as I am concerned, Obama was a long shot, and is now not even that (unless he turns the Muslim to Christian conversion into a positive for the Evangelists-- who doesn't like a Muslim apostate these days??). I have to admit that Obama may actually have been the best cchoice for Muslims (on second thought, how many times have we said that and got bitten!). He is intelligent, fresh, and seems to have been above the political fray. He is also not on record for having a love-fest with Israel. Well, that's that...

As far as the rest of the pool, they are all about the same for Muslims. Democrats may be less inclined to use pre-emptive wars as a means of propping up their poll numbers, but America really can't afford another war for several years, so either party may not affect the war thing. The remaining Democrat, Hillary, doesn't have much of a real chance. Too many people hate her too much. Too many people have made up their minds about her, and since the difference is going to be a few percentile points, that sort of extreme love and hate is likely going to be her outdoing. That leaves the Republicans... the marriage of both Guliani and McCain to Israeli interests is well-known. McCain has written articles about America's deep bonds with the terrorist state of Israel, while Guiliani refused $10 million from the Saudi Prince Talal, because Talal mentioned the need for looking into the reasons for the 9/11 attacks (i.e. how Israel's terrorism is creating monsters). One of these two will be America's next president, that's my 2-cents worth prediction.

So, in my humble estimation, 2008 Presidential Elections is not going to be a watershed moment for Muslims. My advice to Muslims then: don't hold your breath!


AnonyMouse said...

As-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu,

What I was shocked by was just how far the right-wingers are taking this whole thing (Obama's 'hidden relationship with Islam and Muslims') - they were talking about it on CANADIAN RADIO!! I felt like calling in and telling them how retarded they were being - having an Arabic middle name and a Muslim father, and attending an Islamic school in Indonesia as a child does not in any way affect the man's ability to be a good president - but my mother said no. Meh.

But honestly, it's absolutely ridiculous... someone really needs to knock some sense into these people's heads!

I feel rather sorry for the man... but y'know, all this might have some positive consequences - maybe, as a result of his supposed 'hidden relationship' with Islam and Muslims, he *will* become interested in Islam and Muslims... insha'Allah!

Hassan said...

Hillary is no less of AIPAC person either. If she wins, she would not be any less supportive of Israel terrorism compared to Mcain and Guliani.

Bill Richardson (democrat) is also running, he has very impressive resume, he has experience in house of reprsentatives, extensive foreign affairs experience, currently governor of New Mexico and "seem" reasonable guy. We muslims need to look more into his positions and stance. And unlike Kucinich, Richarson is electable. He can win hispanic/minority votes, he can bring western states as well, and ofcourse north east and california is going to vote democrat anyways.

From Republican side, one guy who is been totally anti-bush recently, Chuck Hagel, was starting to impress me. But his voting record is not a decent one, specially in terms of Israel vs Palestenian conflict. But sometimes people change over the course of period. May be has changed.

I do not think Obama has enough voting record to suggest where he truly stands. Can you provide me with his statments in palestenian conflict?

One guy I hope that he runs, but I think he would not, because he himself thinks that he has long shot, is Russ Feingold. He has impressed me with his consistency, he was only one person who voted against Patriot Act in 2001.

Khala Aishah said...

Just to let you know, the muslim factor in Kenya and in many Sub-saharan African countries is tricky. The country itself has a minarity population of muslims counting in at only a whopping 8%. Also, a majority of kenyans came to Islam by means of temporary slavery. So you will find people of all faiths with muslims names partly because arabic has mixed in with the bantu roots of Kiswa as well, many people might have had Muslim roots, but do to the Bible/gun colonialism converted to christianity. This is especially prevalent in the area of Kenya that he is from. Also, madrassa is another Arabic to kiswa adopted word and can also mean, just school. Not to say that he was or is or wasn't, because I haven't followed this story closely, but once you leave the coastal areas of Kenya, to what is called the "up-country," people's muslim identities become more Africanized and the Islam is only left in the name.

I VOTED FOR RALPH '00 said...

You left out Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Ron Paul (R-TX). I think Muslims should vote the issues and stop following the crowd.

Anonymous said...

I dont like Obama. But that also does not mean I like McCain. Obama will most likely win because he has 98% of all black in America voting for him just because the color of his skin even though they dont look at the fact that he has not African American in him what so ever. And then to add on to that he has all of the Sarah Palin haters witch is a lot because she is just play retarded. And of course all the democrats. Now lets look at who McCain has... some Republicans, not sure how much US army voters he has but I sure hope it is more than 85% because of his full name, and his idea on giving up on the War in Iraq. So Obama will win but I am deeply disappointed in the US for that.

Anonymous said...