Friday, January 26, 2007

We're Going Skiing!

Maybe I should correct that... we are going to try to ski again tomorrow! Last time I went skiing in Colorado, it took me a few days to get over the aches and pains. I am not fat, but I ain't fit either. So, I expect to be quite sore for a few days, hopefully inshallah, without any injuries. I am more excited about the kids... Since we just moved up NE some months ago, they are going to the slopes for the first time!

The nearest ski resort is Blue Mountains, about 2 hours from home. Any ski-tips anyone? Anyone want to share good, bad or ugly experiences?

Here are some pics of Blue Mountain... you can see a live webcam here


ExEx Blogger said...

I'm too dumb to know how to ski

AnonyMouse said...

As-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu,

Skiing sounds fun! Never done it before, though...

BTW, ExEx blogger, I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but it seems that it didn't go through... d'you have any idea why?

Your little sister in Islam,

Khala Aishah said...

well, blue mountain is good for the beginer. I would spring for a lesson, especially for the kids so they can avoid getting hurt. It does get pretty crowded. When you want to stop . . . make a pizza wedge with your skiis. Since it's saturday, i guess you already left and are falling as i type.

Amad said...

Exex... i cant imagine you are too dumb for anything... that's a brazen little comment there!

ANYWAY, we had a BLAST. The kids picked it up as if they were born with skis on! I didn't too bad either. The two biggest problems that I have: (a) Getting up after falling (I had a few of those, but not as many as the first time-- this was my second trip), and (b) turning to stop... I spin 360 degrees rather than the soft left or right!

Umm Adam said...

The first time I went skying I was in 8th grade. i took the lift up to the top of the mountain and was afdriad to come down. For about an hour I watched my brother go up and down. He encouarged me to just do it. I eventually came down, but I did not sky down. I sat down and slid all the way!!!

Reem said...

Me and my brother were WAY better than my dad i knew how to stop turn the only 2 things i did not like was getting up (i did not even get up once!) and my boot were TOO big they were size 6!

Anonymous said...

aS-Salam Alaikum, how do you get enough money to go skiing? Donate to those doing work for the Deen and fear Allah.

Amad said...

Anonymous said "aS-Salam Alaikum, how do you get enough money to go skiing? Donate to those doing work for the Deen and fear Allah."

wasalam..I am sorry akhi...what can I do... its all those wahhabi petro-dollars that were burning in my pocket... I will try to seek your permission next time I want to spend money on my family... :)

Anonymous said...

ASA, (not the anonymous that made that ingnorant statement)
skiing is halaal, but pointing your finger at your muslim bro and accusing them is not good. As long as he pays his rights as far as zakaat goes, and restrains from being extravagant, then you cannot say anything because he is fulfilling his duty, Islamically. Wether or not he decides to save his extra money and spend it on those who work for the deen then that is between him and Allah.
Fear Allah, and watch where you are pointing your finger.

Amad said...

jazakallahkhair (2nd anonymous, not the one 1st anonymous, i mean the anonymous before the last anonymous, and not the first overall anonymous--- can we just give ourselves names?? :( )

I have to say that those who can afford $42 and less on weekdays... for first time skiers (thats what we were).. its a great package, includes everything on the training slope (equipment, 1-hr lesson, etc.)... the kids had a BLAST... and once these kids learn, they'll KNOW it forever inshalah. You never know when you need a skill :)

But, i have to admit... i plan to go again inshallah... those dollars i mentioned in my pocket are too heavy...they are dragging me down! And I might consider donating a trip to a less-fortunate brother.. in fact, I think I am going to treat our Masjid sheikh to the trip as well... nothing like a halaqah on the snow and a jama'ah prayer in ski boots!