Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yasir Qadhi Response to Channel 4 Mosques Undercover Documentary

Contact Channel 4 and send in your protest:

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Call: Viewer Enquiries: 0845 076 0191
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Talking Points:
See the last few lines of my previous entry, which starts with Channel 4, "here's my message for you". You can get several other points from this forum.

Yasir Qadhi delivers a right and a left to the documentary that has rocked the Muslim community in UK. The documentary that is sinister and evil in its intent to defame Muslims and divide them along lines of the so-called Wahhabi and non-Wahhabi!

I have uploaded video now on in addition to Youtube.

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips’ Response (hats-tip to Austrolabe):


Anonymous said...

Please answer: Presbyterians, Catholics, Episcopalians, Mormons, Lutherans, Jews, etc., don't have a splinter group that want all Americans dead. Some Muslims do. What say you?

Amad said...

Why don't you answer this one first: All these Christians and Jewish sects have splinter groups that want all Middle East (except Israel) nuked and all its population killed. But no Muslims wants that. What say you?

The point being why would anyone want to destroy the country that they own, that doesn't infringe on their rights or that they are not being attacked by? Why would Jews want to destroy the country that takes care of mother-Israel more than many Jews themselves? On the other hand, bad foreign policy has made America an enemy to many people abroad--- Iraqis, Chechens, Venezuelans, Cubans, and the list goes on. So, there is a reason for the madness. Just like ignorant Americans can't separate the majority of good Muslims from the small splinter groups, similarly most Muslims and non-Muslims in many countries can't separate Bush and the neo-cons from mosts Americans who are compassionate and want to live in peace. So, what say you now?

Abdu said...

What say you, Amad??!! What say you??!!

Amad said...

Says the Amad "Evil, the documentary is".

Umar Lee said...

Nice blog akh, I am just getting to this because I have just checked my about page and will link.

Umar Lee said...

Amad, I think I accidentally deleted you comment on my blog. On the "rise and fall" series, I really want everyone to get a complete picture of what I was saying before I open up the discussion because I know that many will think that I am forgetting this and that or whatever. It is looking like it will be about 7-8 parts and Allah knows best.

Look at it as the memoirs of a salafi refugee

Amad said...

Br. Umar: assalamlikum. I don't think you deleted my comment. It is under here.

As for the other matter, just be careful of what you may portray, regardless of intentions, and who you may help unintentionally...

All the best... look forward to seeing something interesting and thoughtful.

Abdu said...
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Anonymous said...