Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weird Mosque on the Prairie

Most of you have probably heard or seen this show. I reckon out of the 2 million viewers, many have to have been Muslims, yearning for some "positive" Muslim portrayal, but ended up seeing self-deprecating "comedy". I am actually a pretty positive, optimistic person on most things, usually not that cynical. However, I find myself feeling rather humiliated and embarrassed watching this little movie, which I would refer to as a weird mosque on the prairie, and not the Little mosque. Here are some facts:
1) Only one character is Muslim, who represents the pro-regressive (borrowing the term from Dr. Maxtor) Imam, x-lawyer, ready to take the weird mosque on the prairie to the "modern world".
2) They cannot even get the Quranic recitation right.
3) Muslims will lie and cheat in order to get their way. As opposed to the honorable reverend, who will overlook the hype to be fair and just.
4) Elders, esp. the 'traditionalists' are to be ignored, mocked and removed from positions of authority.

And so much more... I didn't plan to spend too much time on this since Lotaenterprises has already got a good thing going on this with plenty of interesting comments. I am too busy on the Wahhabi-busting post... didn't realize how long that would take!

The only additional point I will make is that this one area where most Muslims can agree upon: anyone who follows, claims or wants to follow the Sunnah and who opposes Pro-regressives, whether he be the "sufi-traditionalist" or the ICNA-type traditionalist or the "salafi-traditionalists". We can agree that the program is abysmal, and almost sinister in what it is trying to portray. I am especially weary of the affect this will have on the Muslim youth, who already (regardless of methodology) have little respect for elders, and who are being pulled in all directions by the winds of "question-everything".

For the sake of having all comments in one place, post 'em here at the Lotaenterprises's Center of Excellence! Link here.