Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Intrigue of Snow

For newcomers to old man winter's areas, snow is indeed new, and for the kids, its also intriguing and an opportunity to have a blast... so this winter is their first one in the Northeast, and they are savoring every moment. Forget that dad has to shovel the driveway. Forget that the dreary winter seems to be dragging on almost forever, bringing with it not only bitter cold on the outside, but also affecting internal human systems (is it only me or does winter depress moods a bit??).

Forget all that! Aboodi and Reemo have a snowman to keep up with... Check it out for yourself, he looks pretty cool!


iMuslim said...

Salaams Amad,

It is just toooooooo cute that you have a family blog ring!

How come you don't have links on your blog saying "son's blog, daughter's blog, wife's blog"? They link to you! How rude... hehe

Take care!


Umm Reem said...

Hmm...he has wife's blog in blogroll...but it says something else. If you read carefully you maybe able to figure it out! :)

Abdu said...

May Allah grant you 12 feet of snow. Ameen.

Amad said...

astaghfirullah Abdu... may that 12 feet fall on your car! I just need a foot or two for the kids... preferably without the ice!

sister imuslim... i'll add the kids though they don't have "quality" blogs yet.. but great for their age.