Friday, February 02, 2007

Can’t Elect One? Then, Convert One! (STORY BEING FOLLOWED)

The mayor has changed his name to Hakim Mansour mashallah. See story here. Obviously, it hasn't been easy. I would URGE all my good readers to send a message of support to the Mayor. Here is the link. And finally, make Dua' for him, lots of supplication.

Unfortunately, instead of showing the world that the city was a beacon of tolerance, some of the city's residents have taken their bigotry online:
WMCC News (a few entries)

Stop by these if you will, and drop a comment. Be respectful, courteous, keeping your Islamic manners in tact... perhaps a discourse with these citizens will open their minds and hearts to their new Mayor. To be honest, I can only think of good that this will bring to the city, if the Mayor takes civil responsibility and civil servitude as part of his calling.


Alhamdulillah, the Mayor of the city of Macon, Jack Ellis, has reverted to Islam (hat-tip to CAIR for the email announcement). The news piece (here and here) states that the Mayor had raised as a Christian, had been studying the Quran for years, and then went to Senegal to make the official switch to the religion that his ancestors were on when they were brought to America from Africa.

When asked why, he replied, "Why does one become a Christian? ... You do it because it feels right. It's the right thing for you to do. ... To me it's no big deal. But people like to know what you believe in. And this is what I believe in."

I guess the question should really be, "Why not?" Perhaps Obama will also go back to his roots, once and if he becomes the President (stranger things have happened in history, and Allah is the Master of all things). Oh, by the way, we'd take Obama, even if he doesn't become President! [By the way, those were tongue-in-cheek comments... called HUMOR].

This little message of hope continues to demonstrate the resilience of the true religion of God, Islam. Despite all the anti-Islam rhetoric and propaganda in America, Allah guides whom He wills.

At Texas Dawah 2006, we had the State Senator from NC, Larry Shaw in the house. He is also a board member of CAIR. Inshallah, I will be recommending to TDC to bring Br. Jack next year! I think that will be cool. May Allah protect him and keep him on the truth. And may Allah make him a source of benefit for Muslims specifically and the society in general (Muslims and non-Muslims of course). This also reminds me of Br. William Rodriguez, the Hero of 9/11... the last person to be pulled out of the rubble that was caused by those who hijacked Islam (in addition to planes). Br. William announced at Texas Dawah that he had become a Muslim a few months ago! What could be more amazing than this, as a sign from Allah, who pulled out a believer-to-be from the rubbles of a tragedy.


illuminatingfaith said...

As Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakatuh,

MashaAllah, this is awesome! Think of what kind of da'wah his decision is making, subhanAllah.

May Allah guide everyone to the truth, ameen.

jazak Allah khair for sharing!

musicalchef said...

That's great! I should have heard about it since i don't live far from Macon, but thanks for the heads-up. Can't wait to spread the word.

Amad said...

Musicalchef: If you don't leave far, please do go visit him if you can, and congratulate him from the blog community. Tell him we are all praying for him and wish him the best of success in this duniya and the hereafter.

allahu akbar

Amad said...

Pls read the update, and send a message of support to the mayor!

Anonymous said...

I would not waste my time commenting on those blogs. The anti-Islam folks in the blogosphere can be vicious, the amount of venom and hatred that they have for Islam is so amazing.

So far the news stories I read were very balanced and fair. So I am not worried about that.

Um Abdullah

HijabIsOverrated said...


Rhymes With Right said...

You know, Amad, I said in another forum that I thought you were overreacting anytime someone disagrees with you. I was wrong -- those sites you link too are really disgusting.

And I hope you will look at my response over at that other site -- I think you misunderstand me.

Regards -- and Peace,

Amad said...

I did misunderstand you Rhymes, and apologized to you there and same here. Thanks for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

You've probably gotten a LOT of comments, puzzling and nasty, about this article from Macon natives. Had you known anything about C. Jack [Hakim Mansour] Ellis you almost certainly would not have posted it. He has been an ineffective, bumbling clown ever since his election. He was certainly an embarrassment to Christianity, and now you're stuck with him. Our sympathies.

The citizens of Macon

Amad said...

Anon: Thanks for your comments.

As bumbling of a politician Hakim/Jack was/is, does not make him "halal"/kosher for personal ridiculing and mocking of his new faith. Because 1+ billion share that faith with him.

There is a difference between disagreeing with his policies, and distasteful personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

Lol Yes Alhamdulilah do a bit of research and you will see its a credit to the Sufi Haqqanis while the ahle hadith can just twiddle there wee thumbs

Amad said...

Anon: If that is indeed true, then good job guys! I am glad the sufi haqqani extremists are at least doing something constructive in lieu of whirling and dancing :)

Anonymous said...

from Wikipedia

Clarence Jack "C. Jack" Ellis, is the current mayor of Macon, Georgia.

Clarence Ellis, a Macon native, was born on January 6, 1946.[1] Prior to taking office, Ellis served in the United States Army, worked for the United States Census Bureau, hosted a public access television show, and sold used cars. He fathered a son with Mireille Severe, and has been involved in legal action concerning his failure to pay child support. [2] He ran for mayor in 1999, and was elected as the first African-American to hold the position. After a somewhat controversial first term, he was re-elected in 2003 after defeating several challengers in the Democratic primary and substantial write-in opposition in the general election. His second term has led to further conflicts with the city council and several failed attempts to recall him. He is currently the focus of several federal investigations.

Due in part to the sometimes fierce opposition, Ellis has had few major accomplishments during his terms. The city successfully won a federal Hope VI grant to improve public housing, in addition to other grants and federal aid. The use of these funds has been the topic of several investigations and audits[3] [4]. Ellis has also gained personal influence through the use of his position in numerous national conferences relating to city government and urban issues, as well as becoming a frequent international traveler and unofficial goodwill ambassador, mostly to Africa. He has taken several goodwill trips to Africa which are controversial because they take him away from the city for extended time periods at the tax payers' expense[5]. Ellis has repeatedly insisted that previous mayors had similar expenses.

In February 2007, Ellis made headlines by announcing his December 2006 conversion to Islam, including plans to legally change his name to Hakim Mansour Ellis. Ellis, who had previously been a practicing Christian, became a Sunni Muslim during a trip to the west African country of Senegal, saying it was like going "back to [his] roots" — claiming that some West Africans brought to America as slaves practiced Islam. [6][7]

In April of 2007, Ellis announced that he had been appointed honorary consul for the African nation of Uganda, a posting that will begin after his term as mayor ends (per State Department regulations). Ellis expects to use the honorary position to promote Uganda in his territory of the southeastern United States. Honorary consuls typically also help nationals of the country they represent with any problems they have in the country in which they live.

In August of 2007, Ellis sent a message of solidarity to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Many question the motives behind such a message, and it appears the latest in a series of public relations blunders for Mayor Ellis. see story

Ellis's term expires in 2007, and he is ineligible to run for a third term.

he is a scumbag

Anonymous said...

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