Monday, February 05, 2007

AlMaghrib Scholarships for Converts

In response to one of Umar Lee's points, here's the first and small step towards greater participation of converts in AlMaghrib programs.

Scholarships are being offered for the next two Aqeedah classes, one in NJ and one in MD, both within reasonable commute of the major communities of converts:

"Rays of Faith: Fundamentals of Faith 103" @ Rockville, MD
Shaykh Waleed Basyouni March 16-18 & 23-25 2007

"Light Upon Light: Aqeedah 102" @ New Brunswick, NJ
Shaykh Yasir Qadhi February 23-25 & March 2-4, 2007

Deadline for applying for Aqeedah 102 (Yasir Q.): February 15, 2007
Deadline for applying for Aqeedah 103 (Waleed B.): March 2, 2007
*The earlier you apply, the better the chances. If the student meets all 3 priorities, then he'll get in on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The scholarships are offered by the Clear Lake Islamic Center's (CLIC) Knowledge program, which has supported these before in Houston for Aqeedah 101.
  1. Scholarship will be for $100 each. Remaining amount has to be incurred by students or requested from Al-Maghrib independently (to the best of our information, Al-Maghrib does have programs to offset partial costs for needy students).

  2. Scholarship priorities are as follows (in order of importance):

    • Muslim converts (required)

    • Financial need (not required but preference will be given)

    • First-time students (not required but preference will be given)
  3. In order to apply, simply send an email to: with your name, telephone, & where you fit (or not fit) in the scholarship priorities. We'll take it on from there.

  4. IMPORTANT POINT: Scholarships will actually be LOANS, qarda hasanah. The way to repay the loan is very easy. Every student that gets this loan, has to attend the class (of course) and ALSO take the exam... That's it! With that, his or her loan is forgiven! Simple as that. Those who do not take the exam without a good reason will owe us the scholarship amount. Our purpose is clear: the scholarship is for those who are genuinely interested in seeking knowledge!

A total of 15 scholarships will be offered between the two classes. Preference will be given to Aqeedah 102, with up to 10 scholarships assigned there. Please note that CLIC (sponsors of Texas Dawah) is not affiliated with Al-Maghrib in any official capacity.


AnonyMouse said...

As-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu,

Masha'Allah, that's great! Insha'Allah there will be plenty of people willing to take advantage of this wonderul opportunity... :)

It's a pity that al-Maghrib doesn't operate in my end of Canada, but oh well...

HijabIsOverrated said...

this is wonderful

do i have permission to email it to people who could benefit from the classes?

Amad said...

sister HIO: absolutely, pls spread the msg far and wide.

lotaenterprises said...

bhaissab .. time to switch to wordpress:

lotanterprises said...

i dunno if the link worked, here it is again:

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Abu Sinan said...

Good news! Thanks for sharing.

livinghalal lover said...

assalam alaikum,

Obviously, this is a good effort to help students of knowledge.

But, why pay when there are free classes? (I know I know the long talking points of almaghrib for that, but seriously why not attend those free classes?)

Abu Bakr said...

i have attended an almaghrib class, and the quality of the class was stupendous (it was Sh. Yasir Qadhi's Aqidah 102 class).

Amad said...

Lota bhai... i think i'll make that jump with the new blog ;)

thanks abu sinan, that was neat of you to stop by despite our less-than-stellar start. Inshallah, i hope we can soften and sort out things...

livinghalal lover said, "but seriously why not attend those free classes?"

And I say, "WHY NOT!" Go right ahead bro/sis. Nothing better than knowledge without a fee. I will tell you though that in my experience, if you don't "invest" in the knowledge, by time, effort, or money or all, you won't be serious about it. Personally, what I get in 2 weekends and 30 hours of rigorous study with AlMaghrib's quality, I cannot get in 6 months of halaqas. Here's what Muhammad AlShareef said (click here)...bottom-line as he puts it, "As a wise person once said: “The Qur’an is open and free for everyone. Who is there that sits over it and memorizes it day and night?”

Talibah said...

As salaam aliekoum wurahmatulah wa barakatuh.

Wullah this brought tears to my eyes , this is the true spirit of how brotherhood should be in Islam .
Almaghrib listened to what an other muslim felt in his heart and they responded with action.

May your balances be filled with goodness from this ameen .

muslimah said...

asalamu alaikum

alhamdullilah. I'm glad to see this happening. There were some scholarship offered before to converts in Toronto for an almaghrib class but it was from an individual...

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum,i am abdullah waqf,a revert into islam.i am 1 year old into islam.i use to be a catholic christian and a student of BISHOP ROGAN MINOR SEMINARY.My christian name was BERNN KUM EDWIN.i happened to become a muslim in 2007 and my parents had to disown become so hard for me that i almost abandoned islam.then one day i fell into the hands of a brother muslim and since then i have been learning the little he has beeen able to teach me.i now know 18 surahs.alhamdu lillah.please i have decided to search for knowledge of islam,if only ALLAH gives me the means.i apply for a schoolarship form you because i have no were to go.please accept my application.maa salaam