Friday, February 09, 2007

Multaqa Ahl-Hadith in English Now!

For many blog readers who don't speak Arabic, you'll be asking Multaqa what? Multaqa ahl-hadith means the 'Meeting place of the Ahl-Hadith'. This website is one of the most popular discussion forums on the internet, but until now it was only in Arabic. To give you an idea of its popularity, consider these stats:

  • Created in 2001.
  • 18,000 members (despite moderated membership)
  • 80,000 topics and 500,000 posts!
  • 700 people online on average, up to a max. of 2100.
  • 2600 manuscripts online.
  • Over 10,000 books online.
  • Many students of knowledge online, incl. from US such as Waleed Idrees.
  • Yasir Q.'s testimonial "It is - from my limited knowledge of Arabic sites - the single most beneficial site I have come across, and Allah knows best...
  • A wide spectrum of visitors from the non ahl-hadith to the ahl-hadith discussing in a strictly academic format.
So... now the English version has JUST been kicked off. Amazingly, the brother who runs (Sh. Haitham Hamdan, an instructor at AIU) it is a friend and a teacher, and so this is something brand-new that he sent us. The link to the English site is here. Sign up to be part of something that could be really big inshallah.


Anonymous said...

Jazakallahu khairan Abu Abdallah for spreadig the news.

The success of such forums is only attained by the participation of students of knowledge. We hope for the Multaqa to play a role in spreading knowledge in the west.

I ask Allah SWT to grand all of us ikhlas, hidayah and tawfeeq.

Haitham Hamdan

Abdu said...

I think you mean *grant*.

lotaenterprises said...

jazakallahu khayr for the heads up. ive heard lots of good things about that website

Abu Bakr said...

Assalamu alaykum

I have been reading and benefitting from Multaqa Ahl al Hadith for years now and am surprised and pleased at this new step. What's more, I had no idea Sh. Haitham speaks English, or even that he was a friend of yours. Subhanallah...

I took the liberty of copying your post (with a link to you of course), and adding a few comments of my own to help spread the word:

Anonymous said...