Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sunday 8PM on Houston PBS

Pls see this message from Br. Iesa Galloway from Houston:
Please tune-in on Sunday at 5PM to watch “The Connection.” This episode is a round table discussion on the nature and definitions of “good” & “evil.” This round table discussion features leading lectures and figures from the Houston community in; Islam, Christianity, Judaism & Philosophy. On this program ISGH Imam, Isam Rajab, founder of the Arees Institute and a featured Texas Dawah (TDC) speaker explains Islamic perspectives on the subject.

Please pass this message to your individual lists and ask the viewers to send Houston PBS a thank you Email. JazakAllahu Khairan,

Iesa Galloway
Board Member
The Freedom and Justice Foundation (F&J)


Amad said...

there was one at 5pm on sunday, did anyone watch that?

Ruth Nasrullah said...

I'm confused - the Connections good and evil episode was on yesterday (2/16) at 8 and sunday 2/18 (tomorrow) at 5.

Amad said...

i am sorry... i meant there was one on Friday 2/16, if anyone watched that??

Laqueta said...

Well written article.