Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Rise and Demise of "SOME" hard-liners...

This series at Umar Lee's blog is very interesting, to say the least. Well, really, only for people who were part of it. So, if you had anything to do with the "dawah" in America, you'll find it an important read. Some people read it, and found themselves depressed. Others read it, and saw great hope. I read it and felt both. But, the hope is stronger. Only when one settles the 'past accounts', can renewal be achieved. We all know that Fitnah will remain with us till the Day of Judgment. Hence, what is more important is how we deal with this continuous fitnah and whether it makes us stronger or weaker. The message of Sunnah has always been the simplest, the most practical, and the easiest to 'sell'. That is obvious, because it is the message of Islam itself- simple and pure; it doesn't require great twists and turns. Unfortunately, in what Umar discusses, some who acquired a little bit of it, sold more than they bargained for. In the process, they sold the baatil (falsehood).

On this blog, I would like to know what the people of the dawah outside the NE area felt and thought, the positive experiences?


abu ameerah said...

As'Salaamu Alaikum wa'Rahmatullah!

Well Akhi...The "BRAZENESS" of the post that you are referring to "knows NO bounds"! (to quote a brother that you and I know quite well)

Actually Amad, I did read the post on "The Demise" of Dawah Salafiyah...and after having read it, I too was left feeling quite "cynical" and "jaded" (to quote the author)....

There is so much to add and respond to...quite frankly...i just don't have the patience to get into this.
I am not trying to dispute the references that the brother makes regarding "TROID" or it's like-minded supporters. However, I do think that there are opposing arguments to be made on other (general and) specific matters that the post makes reference to.

I think innovators like Sufis and the Shia (Rafidaah) get a kick out of reading such things.

Allahualim, but it seems that these kinds of postings only strengthen their hand against Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah.

abu ameerah

Travelling Stranger said...

To ignore the mistakes our brothers of Ahl Al-Sunnah can't possible make us stronger.
I think it's a good idea to write that post. A lot of people hint out their advice on the matter without going for the direct approach. Maybe a good idea would be to write one that's all-out honest. But I'm sure if anyone is disrespected (i.e. scholars, individuals or/and groups) you'd get people to be on the defensive and they won't be so accepting to what you have to say.

Well, you asked for an opinion and mine is that you should. But please remember, we've had enough of bashing each other out. Let's do it with a lot of respect this time.

Seeker said...

wa Allahu 'alam, I personally don't think that (unless written without even a slight hint of bashing) that post would be beneficial.
I think we are all aware of what has gone on with TROID/Spubs; (if not, it's been discussed in great detail in the comments section on br. umar's blog) and of course it's a touchy subject, but I personally feel that discussing it further will add more to the wound. Maybe a post about what could be done, or how it could be resolved would be more beneficial? Allahu 'alam, this is just how I feel.

And i've personally dealt with people who are, I guess 'new' to the TROID/Spubs scene, and subhanAllah it's very hard to have a straight forward discussion with most of the one's i've talked too. It's like, YOUR always wrong, YOUR sheikhs are misguided, YOUR masjid is sufi...etc etc etc. So the way I see it, such a post will only add fuel to the fire and widen the gap between us and them. (la huwla wa la quwwata illa billah, I hate saying that) I'm all for a post on how to make that gap smaller, bi'ithnillah. InshaAllah i'm all for something beneficial and not just some discussion about things that already happened by the Will of Allah! I'm not saying to ignore the mistakes, but rather forgive them and discuss how to unite us and start a new positive chapter.

And I agree with Abu Ameerah about the raafidhas and sufis.

wa Allahu ta'ala 'alam, alhamdulillah you're seeking shura.

Amad said...

ok, 2 out of 3... majority wins... the HEALING post is ON... bring it on now.

Ruth Nasrullah said...

Asalaamu alaikum. OK, please lead me out of the darkness of ignorance - where can I find out what the Salafi dawah is?

Amad said...

assalamalikum Sr. Ruth.
I'll make it very simple (I like simple stuff because I am not very intellectual)... The salaf were the first three generations of the Muslims (including the Sahaba's). The Prophet (S) said that those were the best generations that this nation will ever have. The people, REGARDLESS of their label, who ascribe to the teachings of the Sunnah, the Sahabah, and the Imams are 'salafis' by virtue of their following of the salaf.

One doesn't have to call himself or herself a 'salafi', one can be a hanafi, shafi, maliki, or hanbali, or none (in this case he has to follow a scholar)... doesn't matter, as long as he ascribes to the general principles of the Ahl-Sunnah wal Jamah, the most important of which is the correct Aqeedah. Read this little piece on Allah's attributes, which is an important distinguishing point.

As far as the label, its similar to any label. It doesn't really mean anything until the practices are consistent with those who you are ascribing to. It's similar to the use of the label "Muslim" by a qadiyani. A Qadiyani can jump up and down and scream that he is a Muslim. But simply, he isn't. He has not fulfilled the conditions of being a Muslim.

Hope that clarifies a bit.

Unfortunately, the label has taken on many negative connotations, so people have stopped using it (in the past it was used to distinguish oneself from the extreme-sufis) because there is really no need to use a term where the stereotyping has more negativity than the benefit which went along with the original intent of the label.