Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And we Thought we Had it Hard...

I came across this post/blog of a family that lost a 12-year girl; a sister and a daughter named Asma. As I read the story posted by the brother a few days after her death, I could not control my tears as I imagined the pain this brother and his family went through and have been going through. Losing a family member at such a tender age, right at the cusp of adulthood, is so devastating emotionally. And I can only imagine, because I have never had to live through it. And I ask Allah's mercy and forgiveness against such a calamity.

When we read these true moments of heart-felt pain, it should remind us of our weakness, our mortality, and should put our own griefs, troubles and difficulties in perspective. We have so much thank for, and so little to be aggrieved for.

Take a moment to read this story, and other entries on Br. Omar Haq's blog and Asma/Omar's sister's blog. Make dua' for their little sister, for their family and for all the Muslims who have encountered such a loss or have a terminally sick family member. Leave a comment if you wish. After that, let's reflect on our own state, and thank Allah for everything we have.

The link to Omar's post around Asma's death
The link to Omar's post "after 2 years"
The link to Asma's sister's post "oh Asmi"


ExEx Blogger said...

Brother, my eyes started to flood with tears but i stopped it from flowing down my fat face. I was very much saddened from this story.

illuminatingfaith said...

As salaam alaikum wa rahmatuAllah

Truly a sad story, it really touches the core of the heart and soul. JazakAllahu khairan for posting it & may Allah have mercy on Asma and her family, ameen.