Thursday, December 21, 2006

An Unheard Tragedy in America

This story will make you sad (link below). It may make you cry. But, it will remind you yet again where America is heading.

So, listen to it, then read on: This American Life (look for Episode 322):

Play close attention to the topic of 9/11 memory materials issued by the school district. Consider the ongoing indoctrination of little kids against Islam and Muslims. Similar to what happens in Israel regarding Palestinians, and similar to what the West blames Muslims for (i.e. we are teaching our kids hatred). But remain optimistic. A Muslim is never pessimistic. Keep struggling to stem the tide of hatred, bigotry and racism. Block Islamophobia before it consumes you. All of us have a part to play, all of us. Start with supporting CAIR, make a donation right now, or tomorrow or this month, but definitely this year. Earmark at least 0.5% of your income to it, preferably 1%. You, and me, we all need to do it. Its the only play we have left. And before I finished writing, I went here and gave a little... so why don't you:

A few musings about this story concerning the Muslims in it... I hate to be critical of the family who faced such hardships. All my sympathies are for them but there are a few lessons other Muslims considering similar situations should take to heart: I wish the couple had thought harder before moving to a 'quaint' town, away from Muslims. Muslims need to stay close to Muslims. If anything, its provides a support group, it gives the Muslim kids the opportunity to have Muslim friends (in addition to non-Muslim friends). A finger is easy to break, a fist gives strength to all of the fingers. It may have helped avoid the situation the poor lady found herself in. I wish the husband would not desert his wife. Perhaps he was too new to America and couldn't communicate or do much, but he could stick it out--- for his wife and for her kids. I wish the mom was not so stubborn. What's wrong with living near more Muslims, or even in Palestine? At least the kids would remain Muslim or want to be Muslim versus being under so much pressure to denounce Islam. I wish the parents had gone to CAIR and discussed the issues with them. Finally, I wish that we all donate to CAIR so that it would be able to help other families in similar situations, who pick up the phone and call CAIR. HELP CAIR HELP THEM.


Ruth Nasrullah said...

Asalaamu alaikum. Thanks for making the comments about things the family could have done - I didn't want to talk too much about that on my blog because I wanted to keep the focus on a discussion of bigotry against Muslims overall. But I also don't understand why the family didn't reach out to Muslims for help - from the story, it didn't seem like they turned to anyone for help, much less Muslims. The most tragic part is that they stopped practicing Islam - in the end it was the Shaytan who won.

I agree with you - CAIR would have taken care of this issue for them.

Ruth Nasrullah said...

I'm sorry, I didn't mean my blog, I meant the Chronicle's Blue Bayou blog (

Amad said...

Ditto... i agree w/u... that's why i didnt post these points on blue bayou blog, because i didn't want to divert the attention...