Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Convert or Die!

Imagine a new game that is carried by all the major stores. Where the goal is for the non-Muslims to become Muslims or be killed. Imagine the furor that would be created. You would probably expect the manufacturers and the game-designers to be all shipped to Guantanamo for a nice, endless summer vacation.
Fortunately, for Muslims, this is a Christian invention. The game is based on the hugely-popular, Evangelical series of books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. The book bases events that takes place after the Rapture, when Jesus has taken his people to heaven and left non-Christians behind to face the Antichrist. Interestingly, and somewhat humorously, "Left Behind Games" president, Jeffrey Frichner claims that the game is actually pacifist, because you lose points when you kill a believer instead of converting him... phew, what a relief! And if you can make your infidel (infidel is a nonbeliever regardless of which religion the believer is from, and is not exclusive to Muslim usage) pray, then you get some extra points. So, it seems you have three choices for the infidels, either (1) kill them, (2) convert them, (3) convert and make them pray. Of course, you get the most points for choice (3).
Here's the kicker-- the enemy "team" has members with Muslim-sounding names and rock stars! So, Mohammed and Eminem are on the same team. For some misguided Muslims, being in Eminem's company may be not so bad after all! Of course, there is an entirely reasonable explanation for this. According to Freakner (err Frichner), "Muslims are not believers in Jesus Christ" and so of course they have to be in the enemy's team. What were we Muslims thinking! Can't we just all get along and enjoy killing a few 'Muslim-sounding' named folks along with Enimem, Britney, and other 'rock star-sounding' named folks. Frichner's goal is to get parents and kids to talk about the bible. I guess he wants the next dinner-time chat to be about how many Muslims/Jews/Hindus, etc. and rock stars they converted or killed that day; and how being with Jesus just rocked! Brilliant Frichner, pile it on. Start brainwashing kids at an early age to hate Muslims. Ironically, both of these stereotypes are stamped on Muslims, i.e. non-Muslims have only two options (convert or die) and that Muslims teach their children to hate the nonbelievers. Thank you Frichner for stepping forward to share the stereotypes!

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Anonymous said...

I smell a double standard. Hey, where can I buy this game? I would really be interested in playing it.

Reem said...
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