Friday, December 22, 2006

Texas Dawah Blog - Prelude

Today, Texas Dawah kinda began, with the official opening of the "Muslims in Texas" exhibit organized by University of Texas MSA. It was a media event. Well, at least the Chronicle showed up, which was good of them. As we Muslims all know, there would be a lot more media if Muslims were involved in something negative, and not much interest when it is positive. Side-bar to Muslim-bashers, this is another example of media not covering the 'good Muslims'.
Anyway, the event was still mashallah well-organized. Simple and succint. Some portraits and banners were set up. There were some honorary guests: MJ Khan, who is an elected member of the Houston City Council, which is quite a big deal here (its the 4th largest city in America). Rodwan Saleh, the respected President of ISGH was there. Mashallah, he is a humble man, probably the best president that ISGH has ever had. And there was Sh. Waleed of course and Esa Galloway (former Ex. Director of CAIR Houston). Of course, the purpose was to get some news out on the Convention, hopefully the Chronicle article will help. I'll post the link to it when I see it. Registrations have been very encouraging so far... may Allah make this the most successful TDC.


Amad said...

As I googled Texas Dawah, I found that many blogs carried info. about it. The most interesting one was the one I least understood, because of the language. But, then I read the ever-important "About Me", and saw the brother coming all the way from England, so it seems! I have asked the brother to share his thoughts on the blog inshallah..

Amar Razali said...

Brother Amad,

First of all, I would like to inform you that I was just born in England, but then I moved to live in Malaysia, and currently I'm studying at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

I just arrived at Houston, TX from Nashville, 2 days ago. I'm looking forward to attending the Texas Dawah Convention because this is my first time.

I have a Naqib at Nashville. He is a doctor and he is the one who introduce to me about TDC. He said that TDC is among the best place to learn about dawah, how to spread it and etc.

TDC is totally different from ISNA or ICNA convention. Probably because the programs are more focusing on dawah. Plus, there are also organizing a lot of MSA programs that I think will attract the young people and college students.

I will drop some other comments after attending the programs daily, insyaAllah. So I will have more ideas to write.

See you there!

Amad said...

oops... ok So br. amar was bor in england... got it half right. look forward to seeing all of the folks there inshallah.
pls let us know what a naqib is... uncle?