Monday, December 18, 2006

Muslims Facing Increasing Islamaphobia in Europe-- Daah

On the heels of Yasir Q's thunderous speech in UK (see below) where he criticized Europe's growing xenophobia, and more precisely islamophobia, an official report from the European Union affirms that Muslims aren't just dreaming up this rising racism in Europe (already here in USA too, but we haven't seen anything yet!). The report confirms what Muslims already know, and already experience in Europe and to a lesser extent in America. The report is wide-ranging in the topics of discussion as well as the statistics mentioned.

On the web: (Download full report here)

For instance, the report asserts that Muslims are all too often 'disproportionately represented' in unemployment statistics, and many are well behind the European mainstream in education and housing conditions, the report says. I believe that is what makes American Muslims a little different from European Muslims. So far, Islamophobia in America is more hidden, however, that is changing fast too. Here's a small example of why I say that: A recent study done by a Rice professor found that 2 Muslim women on an apartment-hunting mission were treated starkly differently with one wearing the hijab, and the other not. 60% refusal rate on the sister with the hijab, how's that for America's growing Islamophobia. Such a report would obviously make headlines if it was a Jew with a yamaka or even a Sikh with his turban. But not so for Muslims. We make headlines only when we are the ones committing injustice, not when injustice is committed upon us. See this discrimination study hidden in the article:


Muslim Guy said...

Oh, yes! I heard this on the news. This is definitly discrimination.

Muhammad said...

Hello! I am Muhammad and am a converted Muslim (for 20/35 years of my life) and these are my views of Islam- what do you think? This isn't really about this particular post, But Islam in the news today.

On Terrioism= I don't think its fair for Americans to judge Islam on the actions of a few "so-called" Muslims. If they ARE doing this in the defense of Islam, tell them to destroy their own country first. There are more non-Muslim acts in Pakistan than in America!

Well, I like peace. I'll be alot happier if no one had wars, destroyed anything. I mean, Islam actually means "peace".

Allah actually says in the Quran to not be extremists. What right do we have to take away life? It is not our job to kill or punish people if they do not convert- tell them once, twice and that's it. Your job's done. The rest is up to ALLAH.

On Hadiths= I have seen many people listen to books/hadiths and imaams more than the QUARAN- ALLAH'S WORDS! Allah has promised to never let the Quaran change, but there is no gurantee in books/Hadiths and imaams. What gurantee do we have that everything is 100% accurate?!?! I agree that most of it is most likely true, but not everything. Read the Quran, people! Then the Hadith. If it makes sense with the Quran, okay. If not, then Quran comes first! And imaams...well, they are just PEOPLE. Anyone can make mistakes, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Most people listen to imaams blindly without ever touching the Quran and researching it themselves. My imaam is great and only takes excerpts from the Quran, but even then I never listen to him blindly. I have NOTHING against imaams, in fact, I love most of them. But I have seen countless of "mistakes" from them. I'm not saying that I'm right- just that Quran is. =)

Well, those are some of my views of Islam. What do you thing? Agree or Disagree and why? I am not the "Islam Expert" or anything but I am sure I am right about those few things many people make mistakes of. Thanks!

Amad said...

asalamalikum Muhammad. You started of by making some really good points. Stereotyping of Muslims is reaching astronomical proportions at this time. It seems that the Israeli-led hate machine is doing wonders in the media. Ofcourse some of the Muslims with their evil actions of terrorism don't help the cause. It is amazing that Islam (as revealed to the Prophet Muhammed (S)) has been around for 1400+ years, yet suddenly it has become a terrorist religion? Give me a break. If Islam was really that inherently evil, and that it called for the killing of non-Muslims, then you would imagine that all the non-Muslims would have been killed when Islam was the global super-power! In fact, there was no other time that Jewish and Christian minorities lived a better life than under Islamic law.
Unfortunately, I dont know how you have veered off from talking about terrorism to hadith. There are no authentic hadith that support the killing of innocent people. For Muslims, Quran and Hadith have EQUAL authority. Because the person who delivered the Quran, also delivered the hadith. And if you don't preserve the Sunnah, you have not preserved the message of Quran. Please read this booklet on the subject by Mufti Taqi Uthman before making your mind. Yes, we do not follow people blindly, but we do follow the Prophet blindly. And until you get enough knowledge, it is not a bad idea to follow an Imam as much as possible unless he tells you to do something clearly against the Sunnah.