Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Check it out: "Got proof Islam is violent? Let's hear it!"

Sister Ruth has taken on the blog circles by storm, google her name and you will find that it is going around fast. Considering the thousands of blogs out there begging for attention, the rapid growth of her blog, with some entries receiving 50+ comments, is quite remarkable.

So, to my few (but growing) readers & friends, I say join the crowd. Let’s keep pushing the “Straight Path” blog so that it may become a light of reason in the sea of bigotry online.

An interesting discussion is raging on Sister Ruth’s “Straight Path” blog residing with the Houston Chronicle, entitled “Got proof Islam is violent? Let's hear it!”. Although I may disagree with this approach since the basic premise of the challenge puts Muslims on the defensive, I have been wrong enough times to respect differences of style and dawah. I added a few words of my own that Sister Ruth has graciously posted in the comments to this entry. This was in response to those who are calling for Muslim to mass-protest against terrorism, as if we (the Muslims) are somehow responsible for it:

“I'll join the MMM (Million Moderates March) when the cause is to rally against injustice and terrorism of all forms, including that committed in the name of Islam, but extending to the state-sponsored terrorism committed by Israel, Russia, Uzbekistan, and the list goes on. I do recognize that nation-sponsored terrorists have killed many, many more in the name of their states, but Muslims will overlook the lop-sidedness, and will be happy to join people like you Al-Ozarka.
Seriously, do those who affix the terrorist label to Muslims, consider for a minute why this phenomenon (of Muslims involved in terrorism) is only a story of the last few decades? It leads me to wonder why so many Americans have such lack of general historical perspective. Consider for instance, when Hitler killed millions, or before that the Crusades killed tons, Muslims have not resorted to labeling Christianity terrorist. We understood and understand that true Christianity or true Judaism does not promote the killing of innocents, regardless of how many people are killed under that label. Why don't the non-Muslims spare us the same justice? Count, if you are truthful, count the numbers. Put the innocent Muslims killed in one column, and innocent non-Muslims killed in the other. While both are equally reprehensible, the numbers will be clear that it is the Muslims who are bearing the brunt of terror.
Coming back to the terrorists among the Muslims, have the people not considered that some among the Muslim masses have lost all hope, due to a combination of their own governments, and then as a lesser result of Western complicity. When there is no hope, when there are no jobs, nothing to look forward to... then the vacuum is filled by the terror-recruiters. Intelligent people then do what is against humanity, and against Islam, and put on belts to die and kill. Even though the Quran tells believers that to kill one innocent life is to kill humanity. Yet, these people give up their life in futility. Has anyone asked why? Has anyone of our enlightened Western minds thought why?
Whenever Muslims bring up reasons for these episodes, namely the Middle-Eastern conflicts, Muslim sufferings, etc.; immediately there is a reaction from them. It is called "you are justifying it" reaction. This was put into place by the powerful Israeli lobby right after 9/11...why? Because people were bringing up the Israeli occupation as a root-cause, so the best way to take attention away was to instead accuse the person of justifying the crimes of 9/11. Let me ask you, since you all are indeed intelligent human beings: If you continue to have a certain crime perpetrated by people from a certain locality, would you not ask what is behind it? Let me be clear: Of course you would not let the criminal go. The criminal has to face his punishment, but in the course of the trial, you will examine circumstances that led to the person's criminal disposition. Other researchers will examine the background of that locality, to see what the root-causes of the disproportionately higher criminal behavior are. Asking about the causes or examining the circumstances does not justify or exonerate the criminal or the crime. Absolutely, America, along with true Muslims needs to go after the terrorists who are bent on killing and destruction of innocent life. And indeed, the terrorists need to face the worst consequences. But, at the same time, one must examine why this historical juncture is leading to a violent breed of Muslims-- minority yes, but still painfully growing. Examining the root-causes of this phenomenon is not justification, rather it is wisdom! Recently, the Baker-Hamilton report did mention the Israeli occupation as an issue that needs to be addressed, but that portion was conspicuously not highlighted too much by the media. Ex-President Carter made a similar argument, but he was countered with cries of anti-Semitism.
My point in this post is not to go into the conflict in the Middle-East, but it is a plea to readers to consider all sides of the issue. It is a plea to the readers to educate their own selves of the historical perspective of the conflicts through objective reading. My point is that labeling 1+ billion people in a certain way will not solve the problem. Rather, addressing and removing the root-causes of the hatred, growing rapidly in the Muslim world, is the better alternative for all of us Americans- Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We have seen that going in with a big stick in Iraq did not work, in fact it INCREASED hatred and the recruitment of terrorists. So, why don't we learn? Why don't we stop acting like we are in 3rd grade, calling the ones who we don't like vile names, and drowning the voices of reason? Why are we being led on by the hate-mongers on TV (e.g. FOX), radio (e.g. Savage, Hannity, etc.) and on paper (e.g. Wash Times)? They are the same ones who helped carry the drum-beat, and sold the nation on a war that is bleeding America and killing our soldiers. Why should anyone believe them again?In conclusion, Read, Learn, Think, then Say or Act."

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