Thursday, December 21, 2006

Back to Houston, for Vacation (??!) and Texas Dawah...

I have arrived in good ole Houston... yesterday, I landed in the city that I love most in America. Yeah, its bland, its hot, its humid and its flat. But you know what, you could have the ugliest kid, but to you he would be the most beautiful. So, I grew up (at least since i have been in America as a teenager) in Houston. And Houston grew on me. It is absolutely true that the culture and environment of a city will affect all of its people... so the southern hospitality creeps into the Muslim community here as well. While up in the Northeast where I HAD to move, the non-friendliness, the independent, uncaring nature has also seeped into the Muslim community there. Of course exceptions all around.
I will be spending my vacation in Houston--- who would have thought that one would want to spend his vacation in Houston?? Well when you leave Houston, you miss it.
I'll be at Texas Dawah inshallah starting Friday. I was planning to be simply an attendee for the FIRST time instead of running around like a chicken with a neck cut-off, as has been the case in my previous years as an organizer. However, I was given the glad (or sad depending on how you see it) tidings by Sh. Waleed himself that I will be the 3rd floor manager... what?? Well, I'll find out what that means when I get there. For now, I am happy to help Texas Dawah, the infant that I cradled, the giant that it has become. Alhamdulilah.

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