Monday, December 04, 2006

Double-standards at full display.. and the brown sahib judge in Pakistan

Misbah Rana, preferred to be called Molly Campbell by the media (ignoring her wishes of course to be called by her Muslim name) does NOT want to return to Scotland to her mom and her boy-friend. She wants to be with her father in Pakistan, she wants to be a Muslim. In her own words, ""I really don't like her [Misbah's mom] now. I'm getting older and I can see what she's really like. There's nothing that would make me go back to Scotland. I used to get called Paki at school or at the bus station. Here, I can practise my religion and we go to prayers five times a day and everyone's really respectful."

Yet, despite everything she wants, and despite her clear display of sadness (weeping openly), the White sahib (Scotland) wants her back. And our own brown sahib (a Pakistan high court judge) wants to comply with Lord sahib. Herein lies my cow! Reverse the whole thing. Assume that Misbah was born in Pakistan, with custody granted her to Pakistani dad. And then assume that she is taken by her non-Muslim British mom, away from her Pakistani dad,to Scotland. And also assume that she insists that she hates Pakistan, and doesn't like her dad either. That she wants to absolutely stay with her mom in England. Do you think anyone would even give the dad a shot? No way, not in his dreams! That case would be open and shut immediately: British mom keeps girl who wants to be with her, and not her Muslim Pakistani father.

But unfortunately, some Muslims, the appeasers of the West have completely given up their identities, and their sovereignty to the West. How dare this judge decide that the girl should be sent back to Scotland?? How dare he force a girl who has reached the age of puberty, back to a non-Muslim environment, where she does NOT want to go! Where is the justice in all of this? Before I note what brown sahib said, let me explain what this term means for those who don't know--- the mentality of colonialism in the Indian subcontinent, going back to the British colonization of India. The appeasing Indians served their masters or sided with the occupation entity, and spent their time in the elite circles. They would be called brown sahibs. Unfortunately, the British are long gone, but the mentality continues to reside amongst some-- the inferiority complex. So, Pakistan's brown sahib, Judge Saqib Nisar, wrote a 14-page ruling, criticising Misbah's father, Sajad, 45, declaring he had not acted as an "upright, fair and honest man". He said: "He has removed the child and is guilty of violating court orders. "He cannot be allowed to have the benefit." The judge also accused Sajad of "tutoring" his daughter to claim her mother was preventing her from living a life of "Islamic virtue".

Misbah counters, "If the judge thinks dad told me what to say, he's completely wrong. I'm old enough to make my own mind up. I got on three planes to come to Pakistan. If I didn't want to come, I could have screamed for help or run to the police."

Vowing to appeal against the judge's ruling, Misbah's father, Sajad said: "Misbah is still very upset. She cries and sobs. I'm devastated at the thought of her going back to that house."

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