Thursday, March 08, 2007

A New Era of Blogging

Inshallah, this weekend will mark the beginning (hopefully) of something special, and I and others will be moving on with this era. So, stay tuned... more details will be forthcoming (yes, still on this blog).

I should add that over the past 3 months, since I started blogging, I have learned so many things, and I have really have undergone a somewhat radical change in my outlook (perhaps you have noticed it too). Overall, I would say that I have MORE good feelings for MORE Muslims than I had before, so if this is the only positive I can take out of this, then that would mark a huge triumph for me. So, if perchance, you were turned off by my the 'old-me', perhaps you will give the 'new-me' another chance! I should mention that my principles have not changed, alhamdulilah, rather the style is what has changed and is still metamorphosing.

I do have ONE small assignment for my readers: CRITICIZE ME. Ok, I should add a qualifier...constructively criticize me... tell me what you like about the blog, and what you don't like; so in the "new era", I can persist in what I have done good (if any), and change/adjust in what I am not doing so good.

Until the weekend then, here is a list of the best of this blog (not that the best is so great either), which will eventually become inactive:


del said...

Yor Sun called me criscraf

Abdu said...

What is del trying to say?

sister said...

Assalaam-o-Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu
nashallah nice blo the evil and good video was good informative! thank you

Abdu said...

Alright, you asked for it so here it comes...
Where should I begin with the criticism? I know I'll just make a list.

1). You constantly talk about issues which you have very little knowledge about.

2). You have a bashing of Hamza Yusuf in just about every single article.

3). You don't try to modernize Islam, and you don't support political think tanks.

May Allah forgive us All. Ameen.

(LOL. Just kidding)

Amad said...

sister, thanks for the comments though I will not claim to have understood them :)

Abdu, what honesty... i am glad that you were finally truthful ;)

religion said...

We Have All the love
need nothing more

sami yousef said...

religion, youre an idiot.