Monday, November 06, 2006

Muslims Care...

Published in Galveston Daily (10/20/04)

In reference to “Study about Muslims an eye-opener” (The Daily News, Oct. 8), thank you Heber Taylor for this excellent piece.

The years since 9/11 have been extremely testing for American Muslims in terms of the stereotyping of Muslims and Islam in the media, especially on hate-talk-radio.

The results, per the Council on American-Islamic Relations survey, are not surprising. Worse, this perception has probably been a driver for hate crimes that has included vandalism of mosques and Muslim businesses as well as personal injury.

I would like to tell your readers that Muslims care about their communities. I have met thousands of Muslims in America, and not a single one wanted to harm our country.

And the author of this letter himself is working today in community service as a loaned executive from the Valero Refining Company to United Way Mainland.

Visit your local mosque, talk to a Muslim neighbor or coworker and find out for yourself what Muslims teach and don’t teach their kids.

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