Tuesday, November 21, 2006

11 Reasons to attend Texas Dawah!!!


1) TDC just recieved confirmation from two additional speakers; Shk. Yasir Birjas and Shk. Mohammad Faqih!

2) There will be a Muslim career program with seven panelists discussing halal career options for Muslims outside of the usual careers Muslims seem to aim for.

3) This year we will have amazing recreational activities, and programs including indoor rockclimbing, as well as basketball tournaments. We will have a guest Shaykh that will come by to shoot air ball with the brothers!

4) The Texas Dawah Convention will be hosting a History of Islam in Texas, 'research and presentation'. This is a brilliant piece organized by brothers at the University of Texas MSA and sponsored by Clear Lake Islamic Center and Texas Dawah Convention.

5) By far this convention will be one of the most amazing and the largest in Houston, with amazing speakers and programs for the 5,000 plus attendees expected, insha'Allah.

6) We will have as our guest, one of the highest Muslim elected in the US government, Senator Larry Shaw, from North Carolina. Closer to home we will have Texas's very own Teacher of the Year, Patricia El-Kassir.

7) The environment is a constant faith booster. Scholars, Friends, and families will fill the convention center. Insha Allah pure bliss will surround each and everyone of the attendees.

8) For all our single brothers and sisters out there, we will have a matrimonial program at TDC.

9) There will be an array of wonderful parallel sessions for adults, MSA, youth, and sister-only sessions. There will also be a sister's talk show and leadership-training seminar!

10) Unlike any other convention, this convention will have students of knowledge directly involved with the organization. This ensures that everyone will be getting the most of what he/she can from this convention. By having the Shayookh, and other students of knowledge directing the program, it helps to increase and ensure great quality and results insha' Allah.

11) For those who cannot wait what the Texas Dawah Convention has in store for next year, there will be a sneak peak at the theme and topic for TDC VII! Don't miss out!

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